Hiring: Graduate/Junior Software Engineer in Program Analysis

Update: Applications for this position are now closed. However, we will be hiring again in the next few months. Thanks for your interest!

Want to work on fun problems? Like building things that help break things? Well, if you're a recent graduate, or junior developer then read on!

The role is a mix of engineering and research focused around assisting with RE and vulnerability discovery. Remote work is fine and you'll get to spend 20% of your time on whatever you want (ideally with a tangential relationship to the company's focus!). The full details can be found here (now removed) (i.e. perks, salary, requirements, how to apply, what the interview process is and that sort of thing) , but in summary:


Software Engineer in Program Analysis, suitable for a recent graduate or junior developer


We're looking for a motivated engineer who's passionate about building great tools for program analysis. You'll be one of our first employees and the role will primarily consist of building better systems for assisting with reverse engineering, bug finding and exploit development. Understanding each of these activities is crucial for building better tools, so you'll also spend some of your time doing hands-on work in each area. 

As well as developing your existing skills, you'll also get plenty of opportunities to learn new things. In particular, you'll get to spend 20% of your time working on side projects of your choosing, and have a budget for any required learning materials.


Remote. The only requirement is that your working day overlap for about 4 hours with 9-5 GMT. Some travel will likely be required, but it won't be more than a few weeks a year.

- Sean (@seanhn)